Hi, hi, hi everybody reading this, you are in for a treat today! 😀

Lately, I have been reading (excessively) online blogs and articles. And I decided to compile a list of my favourite reads and share it here. So happy reading!

  1. Marilyn Monroe Reading (Informative, and is definitely something everyone should read and know about)
  2. A Poetry Mixtape (So cool! Most of these poems are translated from Assamese, and reflect on the current political climate of India)
  3. Elizabeth Gilbert and ‘Eat Pray Love’ (Once again, informative, and a good read for women writing in the current men’s world)
  4. Albert Camus, Strength of Character and How to Ennoble Our Minds in Difficult Times
  5. Letter to a Young Climate Activist (Such heartwarming words, all those currently feeling eco-anxious, please read)
  6. Love, Lunacy, and A Love Fully-Lived: Oliver Sacks (So, so, so beautiful!)
  7. Through a Glass, Tearfully (I’m so thankful that somebody wrote about crying)
  8. The Deep Sea (Keep scrolling and scrolling and discover another kind of life)
  9. 101 Ways to Live More Sustainably (Just what we all need right now)
  10. A Letter I Wish My Grandmother Could Read (I read this on the metro, and it has been one of the most beautiful things I have come across in a long while)
  11. How To Grow Old: Bertrand Russell (Short, but full of life)
  12. How To Raise a Reader: William Godwin, Mary Shelley’s Father (Parents and adults about to get married, please read – this made me feel great about being a writer, so beautiful)

And some music, because, well, I love music (who doesn’t?):

And that’s all for today, I think I’ll be back with more recommendations in February (my birthday month, I’m so excited!), so goodbye until then. Have a great day, humans.

// Art by Hannah Perry //

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